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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Films and Streaming Media as English Language Learning ToolsGergely Kovács; Kovács Gergely; Ковач Гергель Гейзович
2021The Use of Creative Tasks as a Means of Developing Learners’ Basic Language SkillsDanko Ivan; Данко Іван; Danko Iván
2021Literature as Content for Language TeachingIlona Bakos; Bakos Ilona; Бакош Олена
2021The American Dream in Twentieth Century English LiteratureEnikő Tóth; Товт Еніке; Tóth Enikő
2021Aspects of Testing Vocabulary in Secondary EducationClaudia – Beatrix Dancs; Данч Клаудія - Беатрікс Іванівна; Dancs Claudia-Beatrix
2021Effective Methods to Evaluate Learners’ Learning ActivityLjudmilla Prykhodko; Приходько Людмила; Prykhodko Ljudmilla
2021Intentional and Incidental Foreign Language Vocabulary LearningOlena Siladi; Сіладі Олена; Szilágyi Olena
2021English writing skills assessment of Form 9 learners: evidence from tests and questionnairesBianka Szabó; Сабов Біанка; Szabó Bianka
2021EFL Assessment in Primary EducationKornélia Zahachevszka; Загачевська Корнелія; Zahacsevszka Kornélia
2021Difficulties of teaching and learning English grammarNikoletta Vass; Ваш Ніколетта; Vass Nikoletta
2021Vocabulary Teaching Through MusicEszter Gabriella Tóth; Товт Естер Габріелла; Tóth Eszter Gabriella
2021Comparative analysis of English and Ukrainian types of humourMihály Tihor; Тігор Михайло; Tihor Mihály
2021Characteristics of good English language learners: evidence from empirical researchVadim Szénéca; Szénéca Vadim; Синиця Вадим
2021Creative ways of Language Teaching in the EFL ClassroomMark Popovics; Popovics Márk; Попович Марк
2021Films as a Potential Teaching Tool in Secondary School English ClassesPapp Melinda; Попп Мелінда
2021Reading comprehension of Form 9 learners: evidence from tests and questionnairesKatalin Nagy; Nagy Katalin; Нодь Котолін
2021Current trends in language teachingNikoletta Maryan; Мар'ян Ніколетта; Marjan Nikoletta
2021The Manifestation of Native language in EFL teachingEugénia Makó; Makó Eugénia; Маков Еугенія
2021How to Get the Meaning of a New Vocabulary by Using Two Strategies; Dictionary and/or Guessing “inference”Soma Sándor Maczkó; Maczkó Soma Sándor; Мацко Шома Шандор
2021The impact of achievement motivation on vocabulary development of English language learners.Erik Királyi; Кіралі Ерік; Királyi Erik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67