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Title: The Industrial Sector of Transcarpathia and Its Comparison With the Northern Great Plain Region of Hungary
Other Titles: Промисловий сектор Закарпаття та його порівняння з регіоном Північний Алфельд Угорської Республіки
Authors: Fodor Gyula
Molnár D. István
Kurucz Lajos
Фодор Дюло
Молнар Д. Стефан
Stefan Molnar D.
Keywords: raw materials;heavy industry;branches of production;industrial export
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2012
Publisher: Editura Universității din Oradea
Type: dc.type.researchStudy
Citation: In Revista Română de Geografie Politică. 2012 November. Year XIV, No. 2. pp. 219-231.
Series/Report no.: ;Year XIV., No. 2.
Abstract: Abstract. Transcarpathia is one of the 25 administrative units of the Ukraine. Till the recent times it has remained a peripheral region of the country, as being situated very far from the economic centres of Central and Eastern Ukraine. But nowadays, in the changing and transforming Europe it has some remarkable advantages as to the possibilities of economic development. Firstly, Transcarpathia borders on four different foreign countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland) which are now all members of the European Union. This fact is very promising from the point of view of the present and future cross-border cooperations between Transcarpathia and the borderside regions of these states, especially the Northern Great Plain region of Hungary. Secondly, the region is getting an increasing share of foreign investments arriving in the Ukraine, the main target of which is the developing industrial sector of Transcarpathia. That’s why it deserves a further and more thorough examination.
ISSN: 1454-2749 (Print)
2065-1619 (Online)
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