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Title: The use of language learning strategies in foreign language comprehension, composition
Other Titles: Stratégiahasználat vizsgálata idegen nyelvű szövegértési, szövegalkotási feladatok során.
Authors: Szilágyi, László
Keywords: language strategies;reading comprehension;writing process;research
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: 2020 Scientific Publishing Center “”
Type: Article
Abstract: On the way of learning a foreign language, reading and writing skills turned out to be vital. The close relationship between the two skills areas is confirmed by numerous studies on foreign language learning. Stotsky, comparing the results of several empirical studies, concluded that "better writers are generally better readers and read more than their inferior counterparts, and better readers are more syntactically mature".In recent years, many studies have focused on language learning strategies. Researchers have focused on mapping general language strategies using questionnaire tools. The relationship between language strategies and various factors eg. gender, age, language level, attitudes, motivation, and language skills have been reported in recent years, but specifically there were few examinations to explore the relationship between text comprehension and written text.
ISBN: 978-966-8219-26-9
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