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Title: Problems trainee teachers encounter during a three-month teaching practice in Transcarpathia
Authors: Huszti Ilona
Густі Ілона
Keywords: Problems;trainee teachers;teaching practice;Transcarpathia
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Hawai‘i Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Type: Article
Citation: In The Word. 2004. Volume 13., Issue 1, pp. 12-13.
Series/Report no.: Volume 13., Issue 1
Abstract: Abstract. This paper reports a study aiming at identifying the problems Year Five English major non-native trainees encounter during their three-month teaching practice (TP) in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The purpose of the study was also to get feedback from the trainees about the practice and its requirements. Thirteen Year Five teacher trainees were asked to complete a post school practice questionnaire at the Transcarpathian Hungarian Teacher Training College. The findings indicate that the design of the TP did not take into consideration such important issues as timing and length of the practice. At the end of this paper some implications are given for teaching practice designers at the Transcarpathian Hungarian Teacher Training College to consider in the future, by which they might improve the system of TP. Although the results are institution-specific, the implications might be useful for all those who are concerned with the topic.
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