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Title: Exercises in practical English Grammar (for Year I and II English majors)
Authors: Huszti, Ilona
Keywords: English language;exercises;tasks
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: PoliPrint
Type: Dataset
Series/Report no.: Rákóczi - füzetek;V
Abstract: The present collection of grammar exercises is intended for Year I and Year II English major college students to practise different aspects of the morphology of the English language. The booklet covers grammar topics like the noun, the adjective, the pronoun, the numeral (for Year I students), and also, the non-finite forms of the verb (for Year II students). These topics are included in the Year I and Year II syllabus of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute named after Ferenc Rakoczi II in the discipline titled ‘Practical English Language’.
ISBN: 966 7966 32 1
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Exercises in English grammar.pdfHuszti Ilona: Exercises in practical English Grammar (for Year I and II English majors). PoliPrint, Beregszász / Ungvár, 2004 / 2005. 41 p. / 52 p.517.12 kBAdobe PDFView/Open

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