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Title: The teaching practicum and becoming a competent teacher
Authors: Huszti, Ilona
Keywords: mentors;will-be teachers;teaching practice
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: PoliPrint Kft.
Type: Article
Series/Report no.: Acta Academiae Beregsasiensis;X/2
Abstract: It is acknowledged that one of the crucial elements in the process of becoming a competent teacher is the teaching practicum done by college or university students. During the practicum the pre-service or student teachers observe real learners, teachers and syllabi in their original contexts. It is obvious that student teachers need plenty of help during their practicum. They can obtain it from their cooperating teacher or mentor. Farrell (2008) believes that these teachers are the main sources of the support needed by student teachers because they are “the most influential people” during the teaching practicum; they have probably the greatest professional impact on the student teachers. The student teachers’ task is to acquire the different aspects of the teaching profession during the practicum (Bárdos et al., 1994). Therefore, to achieve all the above enumerated issues it is of utmost importance that student teachers work together with the most competent mentors during their practicum. The main aim of the research was to investigate and survey student teachers’ needs during their teaching practicum, the kind of support they expect from their mentors and other participants of the teaching process, as well as the kind of help student teachers obtain during their teaching practicum.
ISBN: 978-966-2595-16-1
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