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Title: The micro level of reading miscues: Case studies of six learners
Authors: Huszti, Ilona
Keywords: reading aloud;oral reading;strong readers;weak readers;reading miscues
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ELTE Nyelvpedagógia doktori iskola szaklapja
Type: Article
Series/Report no.: WOPALP;Volume 2
Abstract: The present paper aims to report six case studies of six Transcarpathian Hungarian learners—three successful readers and three unsuccessful ones—when reading aloud in English as a foreign language. The study described in this article is part of a large-scale investigation into the quality and quantity of reading miscues made by non-native readers during oral reading. Findings suggest that both successful and unsuccessful readers make substitution miscues most frequently, and these miscues resemble the Expected Response (ER)—i.e. the printed text—grapho-phonemically. However, weak readers make more miscues than strong readers.
ISSN: 1789 - 3607
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